Kalmegess' Boarding Facilities

Our facility is heated and air conditioned for your pet's comfort.
There are 31 indoor/outdoor runs, 2 Large runs and 3 Extra Large runs.
We have 6 cat condos and 2 resident cats .... Big Mamma and O'Mally.
There is a laundry room where pet bedding is washed on a regular basis, a feed room equipped with a refrigerator/freezer to accommodate our pet clients that are raw fed and we have a fully equipped grooming room so that your pet can enjoy a spa treatment before going home if you choose.

Boarding (Prices in effect as of September 2014)
All rates are per night.

Regular Kennel - $27.00 per night
Two dogs - Regular Kennel - $36.00
Two dogs - Large Kennel - $42.00
Two dogs - Extra large Kennel - $47.00
Additional Dogs from the same family in the same kennel are an additional $7.00 per dog/per night
Cats - $19.00

Play All Day Boarding
All rates are per night. Available only Monday - Friday

Regular Kennel - $42.00
Two dogs - Regular Kennel - $56.00
Two Dogs - Large Kennel - $62.00
Two Dogs - Extra Large Kennel -  $67.00
Additional dogs from the same family in the same kennel are an extra $17.00 per dog/per night

Rates are subject to all applicable taxes.

Call us for details on how these 2 great programs differ.

We are pleased to offer discounts on reservations that are for 10 nights or more (please call for details). The price outlined above include fresh water, and lots of time every day in the exercise/play yard. Toys, treats, love and affection for your pet is always available, and of course these are free of charge!!

Vaccinations Required:

Each dog boarded at Kalmegess must be up to date with all vaccines, based on the individual vaccine protocol of the pet.