Day Boarding and Doggie Day Care Available Now!!
The Day Care at Kalmegess is in full swing.  Our expansion is complete and we have 4 fabulous fenced yard for our friends to play in.

Day Boarding

Put your mind at ease knowing that your pet is happy and comfortable while you are away during the day.  If your pet doesn't like to play all day and enjoys just lounging around we have day boarding available from 7am - 7pm.  Your pet will enjoy a cozy kennel and lots of interaction with our kennel attendants.  He will be taken outside for regular potty breaks and leg stretches. Rates for day boarding are: 

$24.00 per day
$12.00 per 1/2 day

Doggie Day Care

Does your pet require socialization and lots of exercise?
Join our doggie day care program and ensure that your pet will be happy, healthy and tired at the end of your long work day.
Come and visit our facilities that include:

1500 square feet of play space for our toy to mid sized guests

4500 square feet of play space for our large to giant sized guests

Day Care attendants with the dogs at all times

Individual, Air Conditioned kennels for afternoon rest 

 Play Pools for those hot summer days

Day Care is open Monday to Friday
Drop off  7am - 12 noon
Pick up 4pm - 7pm


$25.00 per day
$14.00 per 1/2 days


  5 day play card - $ 110.00
10 day play card - $ 200.00
20 day play card - $ 380.00

Multi-dog discounts apply, call us for details.  (905) 725-6210

Each dog will be assessed prior to being admitted to the day program.